Gay spicy why you hate Vassar
The secrets out… I’m both gay spicy and PSY official… I’ve fooled you all… I’m also piper


Girl, you’re my angel, you’re my darling angel
Closer than my peeps you are to me, baby
Shorty, you’re my angel, you’re my darling angel
Girl, you’re my friend when I’m in need, lady

Elise is my cute Irish lad
Virginia Beach Sexuality Tour 2014

He has an eyebrow piercing with a pink and green barb on the end MmMmM

I get to go sail with a Cute Irish lad I’m ready

Gay spicy go to Vassar
I’m so proud of Jenna and gay spicy
Hey you please apply to Bard and Vassar you won't regret it at all. Currently go to Bard and am studying abroad with Bard and Vassar kids, 8.75/10 would recommend Bard

I’m lookin at bard right now actually. I have 12 colleges on my list and 2 I still need to research. Pomona and bard are my last two Then I get to cut a few off my list lmao